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    Chizhou New Dragon machinery Co.,ltd is located in Chizhou economy and technology developing Zone, founded in 2009. We have two own manufacturers and one partner manufacturer.

      Our main products are small CNC lathes, small CNC milling machines, small bench lathes, small milling machines etc. Our machines were widely used for school education, DIY hobby, light industry etc. At present we have exported to England, Germany, Russia, Australia, USA, Argentina, South African etc, and some domestic markets in China.  

      We have more than 120 staff members, among which there are about 30 well qualified technicians and service personnel, who are well geared to produce some hotter machines, backed up by quality support. We can make modified and improvements to our machines according to customers
 requirements. We know exactly what you want and how you want it. Our objectives are  providing superior quality and reliable machines,professional quick after sales service and better prices.